Over the years, we’ve made a concerted effort to conduct direct-to-fan concert ticket pre-sales through our website in order to do everything we can to ensure that the band’s most loyal fans always get first access to the best seats in the house at the lowest possible prices (i.e. reduced ticketing fees).

Historically we have used a service called Songkick to power this experience. Recently, we began using SEATED.

In general, whenever we can, we will continue to offer traditional direct-to-fan presale tickets to fans for regular concerts in much the same way as we always have, with some small differences owing to how SEATED works.

However, for some of our more special concerts (like last minute secret shows in tiny venues, announced at the last minute), tickets will be put on sale through SEATED in an unconventional way, designed to give all fans an equal chance of being able to get tickets while simultaneously minimizing scalper's ability to get their hands on them.

In the case of these special concerts, here’s how the direct-to-fan ticketing process powered by SEATED will work:

When a given show is announced there will be a "REQUEST PERIOD" during which you can sign up and request your desired number of tickets to the show.

During the Request Period, behind the scenes, we will be working closely with SEATED in real time to identify and remove requests from scalpers and attribute available tickets to real fans instead. In the process, we will be leveraging a bunch of cutting edge tools to weed out bad actors.

Once the request period ends, we will enter the "NOTIFICATION PERIOD", during which everybody who submitted a request receives an email informing them:

(1) That they were awarded tickets and how to proceed from there; or
(2) That they unfortunately were not awarded tickets, but have been put in a queue on the waiting list in case tickets are returned or more tickets become available.

Your credit card is only charged if and when you are actually awarded tickets.

After you are awarded tickets, if you no longer want them, you can quickly and easily return them for a full refund.

If you are not awarded tickets, after the show your credit card information is deleted.

With that said, please rest assured that you that you don't have to be following Half Moon Run on all social media platforms to be considered a "real” or “loyal” fan and thus earn a chance to actually be awarded tickets. The system is more sophisticated than that and considers myriad factors to identify real fans.

While we cannot disclose the exact process by which SEATED, with our help, is able to identify the band’s biggest fans and separate them from bad actors such as scalpers (because if we did, it would make it too easy for scalpers to game the system), you can trust that the process is pretty thorough and that we’re very confident that the results it yields, while not perfect, are nevertheless highly accurate and better than any other system out there today.

As a simple rule of thumb, as long as you are signed up to the Half Moon Run mailing list, you will always receive news of these offers at the same time as everyone else, if not before.


When you receive a notification that a new show (or shows) is (are) going on-sale with this unconventional approach, the process of requesting tickets will typically function as follows:

STEP 1: Pick your city

STEP 2: Fill in the form - Enter your credit card information – Request your ticket(s)

STEP 3: Check your inbox after the end of the Request Period

Those who were selected to receive tickets will get an e-mail saying something like:

"Congratulations, your credit card has been charged for [X] number of tickets and [Do XYZ] to claim your tickets! See you at the show!"

Those who are NOT selected to receive tickets will get an e-mail saying something like:

"We’re very sorry but you have not been awarded tickets in the initial round. Your credit card has not been charged. However, more tickets may become available and you are on the waiting list. Please keep an eye on this email account for updates. If you don’t ultimately get tickets, your credit card information will be destroyed and deleted. Good luck!”


If you are awarded tickets, sometimes you may receive physical tickets by mail, sometimes you may receive digital tickets electronically, or sometimes there won’t be any tickets at all and your name will simply be on a guest list at the door.

If tickets are sent, they will only be sent very close to the show in order to minimize the window of time during which scalpers can potentially try and resell them, if they do get their hands on them. This increases their risk and discourages them from trying to scalp our tickets.

Tickets cannot be transferred or assigned. When tickets are awarded as a guest list, IDs will be cross-referenced against the official requestor’s name.


If at any point leading up to the show (up to the announced deadline, typically 48 hours prior to doors) you no longer want the tickets you were awarded, while you cannot sell or transfer them to someone else, you can quickly and easily return them for a full refund using the instructions in the email you received when the tickets were first awarded to you.

Any returned tickets will immediately be redistributed to the next vetted requestor in the queue on the waiting list for that show.

This means that even if you don’t get awarded tickets in the first round, you may still have a shot at getting some before the show actually takes place, so continue to keep an eye on the email account you requested tickets through.

I hope this answers all of your questions!

To communicate with SEATED’s customer support, contact them at support@seated.com

For other issues, you can reach out to Half Moon Run’s management team at hmrstories@gmail.com

Half Moon Run’s day to day manager